History of the KHL World Games: Vienna, Zurich, Davos, Tallinn. A new page - Dubai

On December 3, 2021, the KHL World Games in Dubai will host a regular season KHL match between Avangard and Ak Bars. The project of the outgoing games was launched in the 2018/2019 season in order to promote the League abroad. The United Arab Emirates will be a new KHL World Games destination, and today we'll look back at how the meetings have been held in other countries.

October 26 and 28, 2018, Vienna, Austria. Slovan vs. CSKA, Slovan vs. SKA

The idea of playing away matches in Western Europe for the first time was quite successful. Vienna is a beautiful city that you want to visit again and again after each subsequent visit. The local fans were eager to attend games of KHL teams, seemingly foreign to their hearts. The atmosphere at the Erste Bank Arena was excellent.

You can't blame CSKA and SKA, who played to their special status and unleashed their full potential. The Army team played their best. Only Slovan disappointed. The nominal home team got nine unanswered pucks from the Moscow team on Friday, and seven from the St. Petersburg team on Sunday.

November 26 and 28, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland. Dynamo R - SKA, Dynamo R - CSKA

Fans in Europe know hockey very well, and players like Nikita Gusev and Pavel Datsyuk are certainly familiar with it. In Zurich, the Datsyuk - Gusev tandem presented itself in all its glory. The Dynamo players in Riga felt it too. The tandem made a significant contribution to the SKA win, setting up the decisive goal against the Latvians after an excellent combination.

The matches took place at the Hallenstadion, one of Europe's oldest ice palaces. The Riga Dynamo were unable to put up a fight and suffered a big "dry" loss to CSKA (0-5). Nevertheless, the benefits of the KHL World Games were undeniable. Not only are fans interested in the project, but also the hockey governing bodies of several European countries that are in the KHL's sphere of interest.

December 23, 2019, Davos, Switzerland. Salavat Yulayev - Ak Bars.

After Vienna and Zurich, it was the turn of the mountainous Davos. This time Switzerland got for itself the jewel of the league, the "green derby". The brightest and most principled confrontation of the KHL justified its high status in the Alps. Compared to a year ago, when poor Slovan and Dinamo Riga were mercilessly beaten by CSKA and SKA, the picture has clearly changed for the better.

Salavat Yulaev won the game with Ak Bars (4-3 OT). The decisive goal was scored by the Danish defender Filip Larsen.

January 10 and 11, 2020, Tallinn, Estonia. Jokerit - Severstal

This was not the first time the KHL had played in the Estonian capital. It all started back in December 2016, when Riga Dynamo played two games at the local Tondiraba Arena, against Magnitka and Traktor. In the 2018/19 season, Jokerit came to Tallinn for two games, facing Spartak and Severstal. In January 2020, Joakert played here on Friday and Saturday during the KHL World Games, just like a year ago, and hosted Severstal again.

Fans lined up in front of the entrance to the ice arena. The pre-game show was reminiscent of an '80s-style disco. Lights, real color music, and all in the colors of Yokerit. Both matches were informative and entertaining, and the opponents traded wins (4-1 and 2-5).

Avangard press service according to KHL materials

Photo and video: KHL, Ak Bars hockey club